Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday, part 1

On Wednesday, my little girl turns 4. Today I put her name in for consideration at one of the two magnet schools here in Lexington and got the date/time for "parent meetings" at both. I can't believe that I'm already researching kindergarten. Heck, sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mom!

But I digress... Saturday we went to Kids Place for her birthday party. Sophie's cake was, in her mind, perfect. If you ask her favorite color, she replies, "pink, purple, and princesses." I think we covered our bases.
Traditionally our birthdays have been only family, but this year in addition to the regular crew, we invited her best friend from school, Linney. It was pure joy to watch the two of them play together, and I really enjoyed getting to know Linney's mom a little bit better. Despite the Spanish/English language barrier, we communicated well enough to have some laughs and to make plans to get our girls together again.

Even "Uncle" Josh made an appearance, much to Sophie's delight, and he and Roy tried to help Linney and Sophie navigate the dancing game in the arcade. The blind leading the blind if you ask me.
Tonight Sophie asked if we could watch a scary movie and eat popcorn. She is her father's daughter in so many ways... but more on that later. Every day, my little girl gets less and less little. And more and more awesome.

Happy almost birthday, my sweet.


beinmyOWNself said...

a) she's not allowed to be 4!
b) what exactly is a magnet school? the wiki article didn't really clear up my confusion on this
c) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is video of roy and josh playing the dance video game with the girls!
d) please give princess sophie big hugs from me
e) i <3 your blog!

AnnaMarie said...

a) tell me about it.
b) it's a school outside of our district that we can apply for Sophie to attend. There are two - one that is Spanish Immersion, the other has classes in Mandarin. I'm partial to our neighborhood school however.
c) I wish. Their involvement consisted of analysis. True to form.
d) of course.
e) I <3 you!