Saturday, October 2, 2010


Roy's cousin Mallory (whom I claim as my own) and her darling boy, Aiden, moved to Rochester, NY a month or so ago. Sophie and Aiden are a few months apart and over the years met for many a play date while Mal and I commiserated over beers and the trials and tribulations of getting our kids to use the toilet. I miss this.
So when she came to town this weekend, we, along with the rest of her family, went to the Autumnfest at Bi-Water Farm in Georgetown. We even let her better half, Nick, come along, despite his punniness.
We spent hours and had a great time.

The beautiful and intelligent Cornett sisters
who really are pretty bad ass.

and there were GIANT rocking horses.
What better way to spend a gorgeous fall day?

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