Sunday, October 17, 2010

finding our way

We seem to have found something of a routine in our newly expanded family. Roy's in school, I work full time, we're adding 300 square feet to our house (that's a whole OTHER post), there's a lot of Festival work to be done and, oh yeah, we have Riley's football practice and games, Sophie's active 4-year old self, and the demands of a nearly 4 month old.

But yes, routine does exist. Making coffee before bed and setting the timer for 10 minutes before my alarm goes off; meal planning like a beast; trying to keep up with housework within the fog of during-the-week exhaustion; and the kids have strict bed times, giving Roy and I at least an hour of peace and quiet before I fall asleep mid-chapter.

Here are some highlights of late.

Sophie loves all foods. She will try anything (last week she asked if we could have sea urchin). For her birthday we bought her a cookbook and she cooks dinner (with help, of course) every so often. This weekend, she and Riley made ice cream sandwiches.

I snapped this picture of Sophie reading Roy's hacker magazine, 2600, while doing her business.

and this little guy finally ditched the baby tub - much to his delight.

Oh, we just can't get enough of this sweetness.

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Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Your family is so adorable! As you probably know from my posts, I have found that the slow cooker is a life saver when it comes to fixing easy, nutritious, delicious meals for the family.