Sunday, December 26, 2010


Shortly after Miller was born, I commented to Roy that our time is no longer our own.

Boy ain't that the truth.

As evidence, I took almost no pictures through the month of December - despite there being an abundance of activity. Still, Grandma Bix requested an "update with photos", so I scourged my camera and phone and came up with some gems.

Miller spent some quality time with his great grandma and granddad. Bob is saying, "Is she taking my picture with that phone?"
Bob is hell bent on teaching Miller to crawl. I have an almost identical picture taken Christmas Eve at another celebration.
I've found time for knitting.
and baking.
and we couldn't have Christmas without a tree - a real one this year, since we spent the whole season in Kentucky.
We even made the world's awfullest gingerbread house, which met its untimely demise at the hands -er, jaws - of the Wendy Dog.

And here, the reason I am so often exhausted, fulfilled, exasperated, delighted and in bed by 10:00 (if I'm lucky).


Mary Bix said...

Thank you so much....wonderful pictures!

LindsMattingly said...
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Lindsay said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Your time is definitely not your own once you have children... Maybe that's why we've yet to arrange a play date. Who has the time? :)