Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Game of Memory

I've been trying to write this post for over a week. It's been written a sentence here, and thought there.

Finding the time to blog is hard. Finding the energy to blog is harder still. My son slept beautifully when he was born but for the past few months he's been waking every couple of hours and if he goes back to sleep, we're lucky. Roy and I switch off night and morning shifts and wander through our days with the bleary eyed look kept for the prestigious group of people known as parents.

To boot, Sophie is suffering slightly with some adjustment issues. She's very clingy and I can't seem to give her enough attention. She's waking in the night now too, asking for her back to be scratched and for someone to sleep with her. I also think the long winter we've been experiencing has dampened the spirit of a little girl who loves nature. She just wants to go to the pool, hang out at the park, and be outdoors.

Despite the exhaustion and seemingly lack of time, I need to blog. I need to write down the happenings of my family because oh my heavens, things change fast.

Sophie-isms that have made me laugh out loud in the past two weeks:
"Mommy, this apple is filthy for you."
"I'm going to squeeze this mushy cushion and you ask 'who farted?'"
After a discussion about Jesus, her statement that she likes Cheeses. We need to do some more talking in this area, apparently.

What Miller does that makes those sleepless nights completely worth it:
Reaches for me.
Sits by himself and plays with his toys.
Seems to have somewhat of an adventurous appetite, enjoying oatmeal cereal and sweet potatoes. Not so much the avocado.
Cries and vocalizes by trilling his tongue.
Laughs uproariously at his sister.

I'm sure there are more things but can I remember? No. My sleepy brain seems to use 97% of its capability for my job at the Library (which, thankfully, I love). The remaining 3% is parceled out between meal planning, remembering to start the van on freezing days so I can get the sliding doors open, to remember what happened in whatever book I happen to be reading, for Riley weekends, dentist and doctor visits, and those pesky bills that come up every month. And sometimes I even forget those until I go to turn on the water and nothing comes out. My brain is definitely not used to remember where I put my keys or my phone. Sigh.

This is what I want to remember.


kristin said...

ooooooeeeeeee, totally worth remembering.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I'm torn. I can't decide which picture I love more - the one of Roy, Sophie and Miller on the couch together, the one of Roy and Miller sacked out asleep on the couch, or the one of Miller asleep on Riley's chest. Definitely pics you need to print out and frame!

kclblogs said...

what a tender, sweet post, AM. the pictures are wonderful. my favorite: riley holding miller : )

Rae said...

Know that my lack of comments and emails is not a representation of how much I think of your beautiful family. I love hearing about these moments (yes, even the tough ones.) Lack of sleep is HARD!

Love you... and thinking of you often