Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Break

This year I realized that when it comes to winter I have grown soft. I used to balk at my fellow Kentuckians when they referred to 20 degrees as "bone chilling" and laughed in their faces when they complained about the wind. (ok, I still do that.) I consistently rejoiced at the sign of a mere flake of snow and was sad when we did not have a white holiday season - from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

I am eating my words.

A typical winter in Kentucky starts in January with February being the worst month and is pretty well over by April. Our precipitation is more freezing rain than snow and people swarm the grocery stores to buy bread and milk. Seriously. Go the day after the threat of snow and try to buy a gallon of milk.

So far this season, Kentucky has had snow on the ground the majority of these two months and it has been cold. Just ask my parents. Even THEY thought it was cold and they still live in South Dakota! I mean absolutely no disrespect to my friends and family up north, but I'm sick of it. I have grown soft.

Today... oh glorious day of today. Right now the interwebs tells me it's 53 degrees. What am I doing inside writing this post?! I better hurry up.

When we learned of this day's beauty we went the park - Jacobson Park - to play on the best playground ever.

Miller loved the swings.

EVERYONE loved the swings.

And Sophie and Riley found such good hiding places that I couldn't find them.

Then, when it got too cold for Miller we bundled him up

and Sophie and Riley kept on keepin' on.

In truth, this made my spring fever spike to all new levels. But I don't care. It will be here soon enough. And in the meantime I'll keep myself inspired with the new Seed Saver's catalog that just came in the mail and "The Family Kitchen Garden" book that I was just too pregnant last year to embrace.

I suppose I will also embrace these last weeks (months? Hey, a girl can hope.) of cold because goodness me time is flying.

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