Saturday, April 16, 2011

loving, doing, and believing

I am enjoying a rare, quiet Saturday morning. The grandparents called and asked if they could have a grandkid sleepover (with Miller!) on Friday night. Who were we to deny such a request?

Roy and I had a great (and much needed) evening together - movie and beers at the Move Tavern and dinner at Smashing Tomato - and now I am loving this morning. I should be taking advantage of the childless house by starting my Saturday cleaning routine (a task so much harder with the little ones around) but the coffee is too good, the alone time too luxurious, and who am I kidding? The mess will wait around for an hour or two.

I have been thinking a lot about the old adage, "April showers bring May flowers" because holy moly, we have had RAIN up in the Bluegrass! My daffodils have bloomed and died already, my Dogwood tree is blooming, and on every walk or bike ride down the street, we spot another color tulip. And it's during this season that I walk into the backyard in the morning to see it looking like this:
I love spring.

Earlier this week, Miller got his first wagon ride to the park.

This boy is so stinkin' cute. He has my heart in the wee itty bitty palm of his hand.
And we've had much silliness with this 4 year old around.
It's hard to believe I'll be enrolling her in kindergarten on Monday.

Things around here have been so good. We've finally found a church to attend - St. Michael's Episcopal - that encompasses everything I want from a church: a radically liberal theology and conservative, traditional service. Things at work are terrific. And while I'll admit that 4 has not brought out my best parenting moments, this little girl rocks my world.
My great-grandma had a saying. 'You need someone to love, something to do, and something to believe in.' Somehow I've been blessed with that trifecta in spades.


kristin said...

I love that saying. I'm going to remember it. I'm happy for your happiness.

Jennifer Chappell Deckert said...

This reminds me of Raffi "All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, love in my family."

kclblogs said...

love this family! and even without a parental bias, they are ADORABLE and SO SWEET!!!

Lonna said...

Just beautiful Anna!