Sunday, May 22, 2011


I took pictures this weekend for the sole purpose of putting them on this blog, but it's 10:10pm and I have just - JUST - finished my work for the weekend. And oh you know that the word "finished" is such a tricky little word. Really, finished? With laundry still in the dryer? Dog hair on the floor? Sophie's cereal bowl is in the sink and I swear that I still smell like potting soil. Finished? Sure. Why not.

I just don't have it in me to put photos on the computer.

But really, what a full and satisfying weekend. Saturday, I hit the Farmer's Market and got lots of housework done before heading to a 6 hour birthday party for Sophie's best friend. Her family is from Mexico and this was a party unlike any I had ever been too. I came back sunburned, exhausted, and full of the most delicious food ever. Today was church, (radically liberal theology, brilliantly traditional worship service - but that's a whole other post) gardening, over the fence chats with the neighbors, games with Sophie during the brief rain shower, and then the folding of so.much.laundry - not to mention the impromptu bath to clean the spaghetti off of Miller. A rite of passage, no?

And have I mentioned the 38th Annual Festival of the Bluegrass is 18 days away? My evenings have been filled with ticket orders, website updates, and phone calls. It's a good kind of busy, but busy is busy is busy.

So yes. Pictures. Mom, I swear - I'll post them THIS WEEK. xoxo

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kristin said...

i want to see the pictures and i want to read that other post you suggested.

you know, when things get less busy for you. : )