Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today, my baby turns 1. It's hard not to focus on those first tender moments in the hospital. I think about his birth often and with a pang of "never again". Not 'never again' meaning we won't have more kids (not to start rumors or anything!) but in 'never again' with this one. Still, I'm not the parent who mourns every birthday. I want my children to grow, to learn, to become amazing and awesome adults. And heaven help me, I want them to move out one day and go to college (or not) and fall in love (or not) and be happy (fingers crossed).

But those first moments/days of quiet and newness... I do miss them.

Today we celebrated Miller's first year of life and the beginning of his second.

His sister made the cake.
His daddy decorated it.And he loved it.Birthday's mean cousins, much like mine did when I was little. This 4 - now fivesome - are as close as cousins get. and I am grateful.
My baby, my boy, is one. I've been so overcome, I couldn't read aloud the birthday prayer today at church. Indeed. Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet boy.


Strangeite said...

I just can't get over that picture of the 4 cousins.

It is just perfect.

Aubrey looking aloof with the fake guitar, while Sophie holds court with her fake sword. Riley wrestling with Trenton, while poor Wendy dog lies nearby wishing everyone would just take a nap.

kclblogs said...

love that description, roy. i didn't even notice wendy!

i'd be thrilled for more of those darlings, but i have to say, when does one reach their household's cuteness quotient? i mean, geez, you gotta be close!

kristin said...


i haven't heard that word for awhile.

i like it.

it seems to describe that first birthday moment perfectly.