Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Days

"I'm excited about the life we're giving our children" I told Roy after church. We were going to Five Guys for a post-Baptism celebration as our two youngest were baptized and became members of St. Michael's. Not very Mennonite of me, I know, but it's an important part of their (our) lives at this church. And this became more and more apparent as the growingly familiar faces of the congregation greeted us with true, heartfelt joy.
Also this weekend, Sophie enrolled in Girl Scouts. I put it that way because while I filled out the paperwork, she said she absolutely wanted to join. We had a great time at the little Get To Know You function and there was plenty of this:
but much to my joy, there was also this:
We are so lucky to have the friends and family, the jobs, the means, and the opportunity to enjoy our life and the world around us. I am not naive enough to recognize that we, by the nature of our skin color, the families who raised us, and the luck of our jobs, that we are able to enjoy our bounty. The very least I can do is stop to enjoy it every once in a while.

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