Sunday, September 11, 2011


I had intended to have many, many more photos in this post but Blogger's not cooperating and I have like 10 free minutes, so hey! Look at me! I'm blogging!!

A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks, including our brand new kindergartener.
Sophie's adjusting. She doesn't handle change very well and she is pretty timid around people she doesn't know, so that's pretty much everyone at schoo. She hasn't found friends yet and she misses her group from the daycare, but she'll get there. She's definitely enjoying the structured learning environment and while she doesn't really like to talk about her day, she'll say random things that tells me she's learning a whole lot - and enjoying it.

This little girl, who just turned 5, is an amazingly silly and loving little girl who needs a lot of affirmation and love from her parents. Good thing she is sooooo darn loveable. And then there's this guy.
Our little 1 year old Caterpillar is a trip. I know this boy could walk, but I don't think he sees the point. He will walk along, holding (barely) onto any surface, let go, and slowly lower himself into a crawl. He loves food - LOVES food - and like his sister, is a big fan of music. If I'm playing the guitar or piano, I hear the flap flap of arms and legs and he races into the room to crawl into my lap and help. And he will clap and bounce to pretty much any song. Oh he has so much joy in him.
As busy and crazy as life is right now (because there's also work, Roy's schooling, Festival stuff, Riley's football, Sophie's Angel Choir, and the shopping and planning and cooking and cleaning that comes with running a household) I couldn't be luckier if I tried.


kclblogs said...

Your kids are precious beyond words!!!

After trying to ask lots of questions about school when M was in Kindergarten (and overwhelming her), we ultimately started a supper ritual, where each of us (me included) says one good thing and one not-so-good thing about our day, who we played with and one thing we learned (which doesn't have to be academic). Now, that's how I learn about their day. Often this leads to other stories.

AnnaMarie said...

I love it, Katie! I will totally start this tradition.

Rachel said...

Yahoo! So good to see pics of your little ones...kindergarten! almost-walking! oh my!