Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring in february

It's not news that the weather around the world has been funky this season. Today.Was. Gorgeous. I walked to one of my favorite restaurants, Natasha's, to have a long overdue lunch with one of my nearest and dearest. I was too warm in my winter coat. I looked out the office window longingly just WAITING for 5:00. (this pic was actually taken Tuesday but it could've been taken today.)
I picked up Miller from day care, headed home, threw some eggs on the stove to hard boil, grabbed chex mix and yogurt tubes and crackers and (of course) cookies and looked out the window in time to see gray clouds begin to roll in. We slooooowly walked up to the park and got about 10 minutes of play time on the jungle gym before the skies opened up.

We retreated to the picnic tables under the pavilion for our dinner. Miller was very intrigued by the rain and kept walking out into it. He'd cry. Then stop. Then look. But he didn't want to come back under the roof. Mostly he just looked like this:Sophie was slightly unnerved by the occasional thunder, but she took cues from little brother and put on a brave face.

When it became apparent that the rain was not going to stop, we took advantage of a slight decrease in precipitation and walked home. We came in a little cold, a little wet, and a lot happy.

What a beautiful winter-disguised-as-spring day.

(sorry for the crummy, old iPhone pictures!)

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