Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Kiddos

It's hard to believe my little guy is 19 months.
He is, I think, the happiest kid I know. He rarely throws a tantrum and is so much fun I can hardly stand it. He doesn't talk (other than mama and hi) but points, grunts, and jumps to draw attention to whatever it is he wants. While I'm not really worried about the fact that he doesn't talk, it sure would be nice if he'd start.
Sophie translates most of his grunts for us, which I'm sure is partly why he's behind, but my mother in law tells me that Roy started talking late and we all know that he's not the quiet type. Our pediatrician said that one day Miller will wake up and say, "Mommy, will you please make me some pancakes?" Sounds about right.
We enjoyed an always-too-brief but wonderful visit to SD for Christmas where these two got to spend some time together.
Miller eats pretty much everything you put in front of him and goes back for seconds. His favorite food is green beans, but he'll put away nearly every vegetable. Roy seems somewhat concerned by this, but I assure him he'll grow up just fine eating fresh green things. Miller is gentle, has a tremendous love of animals and music, loves his sister, his big brother, and going for walks outside. We are so blessed to have such a lovable little guy.

This one... this one is trouble.
Okay, not really. But where to start? Sophie is still the kind and gentle soul that she always has been, but is a worrier - just like I was as a kid. She sings in the choir at church, but hardly opens her mouth at performance time. She's shy and clingy one minute and then next is leading a group of kids around the playground.

Sometimes she just seems so old.
She and Ella had a fantastic time together at Christmas. They have been writing letters to each other since the holiday and my brother and I agree that watching this relationship develop will continue to be such a joy.
Sophie also bonded with Grandma and Grandpa - in a variety of ways!Sophie is such a sweet girl. She's definitely testing limits and seeing how much she can get away with, but in the end she wants to be good. We have lots of conversations about God and about why bad people exist (she worries about kidnappers). Every picture she draws includes a rainbow and someone smiling. I love watching her grow up.

This one is illusive.
He is almost 14 (!!) and is in the final year of middle school. Riley has a great interest in film making (in the above picture he's playing with his Flip Video Camera) and loves movies, music, and girls. He is the apple of Sophie and Miller's eye and as far as 13 year olds go, pretty amazing.

It's not all roses, of course. Roy is working nights which makes for exhausting evenings and the kids miss him. I have the schedule of most working moms (job, dinner, baths, books, bed) that leaves me tired and daydreaming about a weekend away with my husband and I have no idea how my house gets so messy so quickly! But this right here... this makes it all worth it.


Rachel said...

I loved reading these descriptions of your kids! Glowing children, all of them : )

kristin said...

i love this. something about it reminds me of Home.

onward, onward!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I love reading about your kiddos! Their personalities just shine through their pictures. One day, eventually, we have to meet IRL, and not just in the blogosphere! :-)