Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Stuff

Oh where to start? Do I begin with my 10 year wedding anniversary to this guy:
seen here ranting on the evils of baby pockets, fortified with bourbon and encouraged (discouraged?) by friends who have seen/heard this diatribe on many occasion. Alas, there are always a few baby pocket virgins in the crowd.

And oh, how we've come to this happy place.

Or do I begin with the every-five-year reunion my parents hold with their MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) unit (1970-1972) in Cincinnati, OH. We are fortunate to live only an hour south, so it's a quick jaunt up to socialize with this fine group of human beings.

And spend some unstructured time with each other

Perhaps I begin with this little girl who is rapidly becoming not so little.

Or this little guy who drips personality. (and is hard to capture on film.)

Or maybe I start at the beginning, with the picture that now graces the top of my blog, an impromptu hike in the woods of Natural Bridge State Park (less than an hour east of Lexington) which will clear your head and replenish your soul every time.

We may fail at times. We may not get it all in, or get it done right, or eat a balanced meal or quite reach our goals. Maybe we forget our vitamins or have a bad day or run short on patience and long on selfishness. But what a blessed life. A blessed life indeed.

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kristin said...

i love this post.