Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Small Town Girl

I grew up in a town of 1,200 mostly Mennonite farmers. Those who weren't Mennonite were probably Lutheran and those that weren't farmer's probably worked at a bank, convenience/grocery store, hospital/nursing home, or school. Our track was the school parking lot or county road. Sometimes our coach would drive us 3 miles into the country and make us run to town. Freeman's entire city limits was in 1 square mile.

To contrast, my kids are growing up in the 2nd largest city in Kentucky (a city twice the size of Sioux Falls, SD - the largest city in my beloved home state). It can take up to 45 minutes to get from one side of Lexington to the other and I am thankful my phone has GPS. I always pat myself on the back (and sometimes call to brag to an ever patient Roy) if I can find my way to a place in Lexington that I've never been without having to consult a map.

Crowds make my stop in my tracks.

Seeing the local news anchors in the grocery store slightly elevates my pulse.

I continue to hope and pray for a random Johnny Depp sighting. (It's NOT out of the realm of possibility.)

But there are somethings that I just won't (can't, don't want to) get used to.

Yesterday a young man jumped off a building directly next door to my place of work. Some of my coworkers were among the first on the scene. Horror doesn't begin to describe it.

Roy and I had a conversation about the middle school Sophie (and Miller) will go to, unless she tests into the Quest (gifted) program. Or gets into SCAPA (fine arts). Or we move. Or send her to private school. And of all the middle schools in Lexington, this is not the one we want to send our children to. So we must find her 'talent' and help lead her there. Or move. Or find a ridiculous sum of money to send her to private school. Moving would be cheaper.

Did I mention that the Middle School testing decision has to be made next fall? In 2nd grade?

Last week, Sophie's bike was stolen out of our front yard. Who steals a kid's bike?

I love living in Lexington. I love the old buildings and the narrow streets. I love the two new breweries and amazing Farmer's Market and the energy that's here right now. My gosh!

And I know these problems exist in small town America. Gratitude in that I don't have a personal connection to the victim. Gratitude in that I have a choice about the school to send my kids to. Gratitude in that my amazing friends replaced Sophie's bike within 24 hours.

But today, as I look at faces that have seen too much. As I ponder the future of my children's education. As I shake my head at the audacity of some people...

Any jobs in Freeman?


stacey said...

I bet we could find you one! Then Sophie would get three recesses, too! :)

kristin said...

there are a bunch of houses for sale in our neighborhood...and you'd have freeman connections and family right close by!

AnnaMarie said...

Don't tempt me. I LOVE Newton.