Friday, May 30, 2008

What a day!

Summer has hit the Bluegrass. I went for a walk with Sophie on Monday and there was a baseball game in the park, wet kids wrapped in towels from the newly opened pool, adults drinking mojito's in their lounge chairs, and Sophie and I in our shorts and tank tops, sweating up a storm and drinking it up.

Today it's supposed to be even hotter and outside has that steamy, muggy look about it. Before the sun gets too high, I decided to take Sophie to the park - a reward for a long, hard week at work.

I've been wanting to get Sophie a wagon for some time, and we found a really good deal on this baby, so off we went.

We have an incredibly small yard. It's great for mowing, not so great for playing. Fortunately Castlewood Park is only a half block away.

So much grass, such huge trees. We're terribly lucky.

Anyway, Sophie used to go to the park and just look around. She needed some prompting. Let me tell you, she has found her playful self!

Ah, happy day, happy weekend, happy life.


Nikki said...

Ok seriously, she has to be the cutest kid on the planet!

beinmyOWNself said...


Claire said...

Aren't parks the best for these little guys?

Happy weekend!

Modernicon said...

Great Pics!!!
My kids will spend hours running back and forth along those little playground suspension bridges, then dart into a tube slide... you are so lucky to have one so close.